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Camper- Iceland Motorhomes Hire in Iceland
01 May 2011 - 30 September 2011 Rates

4%reductionon the daily rate for bookings until 31.12. 2010
2%reductionon the daily rate for bookings until 31.01.2011

Depot Location:
Reykjanesbær (Keflavík)

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Daily Rates shown in EURO
Rates valid from 01 May 2011 - 30 September 2011
Low Season
01 - 21 May
27 Aug - 30 Sept
Mid Season
22 May - 25 June
11 Aug - 26 Aug
High Season
26 June - 10 Aug
200 Km per day
200 Km per day
200 Km per day
per day
Dodge Euro Cruiser - Sleeps 2
Fiat Ducato 4 - Sleeps 4
Fiat Ducato 5 - Sleeps 5
Fiat Ducato 6-7 - Sleeps 7
4X4 Camper - Sleeps 2-3
4X4 Camper Luxury - Sleeps 3
Please Note: €1.25 extra Km per day for Dodge Euro Cruiser , €3.75 extra klm for 4x4 Luxury Camper & €2.50 extra km for the rest of Models
Camping kit and one full propane gas bottle €150 will be charged for the whole rental period.
All prices are per day (not per 24h). The first day is authoritative for the whole rental.

Available Motorhomes
2 Berth Camper
2 -3 Berth Camper
4 Berth Motorhmer
5 Berth Motorhmer
6-7 Berth Motorhmer
3 Berth 4x4 Luxury  Camper

Rates Include:

  • VAT 25.5%

All available extras are payable at the rental center

Price in ISK
Camping kit deluxe Glasses and wine glasses, a bigger pan, servicing, etc.
Personal Kit 3 towels (small / medium / large), etc.
1 Bath Towel  
Mobile Phone (GSM) phone, Charger, etc.
Prepaid Card Vodafone with ISK 500
Prepaid Card Vodafone with ISK 2500
Inverter 12V til 220V
Fishing Card Fishing Grounds
Fishing Gear Large (with fishing card ISK 15,300)
Fishing gear telescopic (with fishing card ISK 11,900)
Child Safety Seat  
Child Booster Seat  
Baby Bed Foldable  
Tent for 2  
Tent for 3  
Tent for 4  
Sleeping Bag  
1 Camping table and 2 chairs  
1 Camping table and 4 chairs  
1 Extra chair  
1 Table without chairs  
1 Chair without table  
Iceland Atlas

Insurance Packages:

  • Basic CDW insurance included (100% self risk)
  • Medium CDW & Super CDW for € 10.- per day (self risk € 2000)
  • Premium CDW, Super CDW & self risk guarantee for € 30.00 per day (self risk € 500)*
    * In case of an accident or a damage, the client has to pay the € 500 on the spot and get the money back from another insurance company

Pick-Up / Drop Off:
We recommend all our customers to pick up the vehicle at our rental station in Keflavik and return it to the same location.Our customers often have needs(extracovers,blankets,campings tuffetc.)that are only available at the rental station in Keflavik.see below

  • Pick up Reykjavík €150
  • Drop off Reykjavík€150
  • Pick up Akureyrior Egilsstaðir €750
  • Drop off Akureyrior Egilsstaðir €750

We do not charge an airport fee simply because our customers take a taxi to our rental station at their own expense (between1.000and1.600ISKapprox.10€).

Minimum Days:
Minimum rental period is 5days and maximum 28 days.Please contact us for a longer rental.

Opening hours
Daily, 09.00h – 18.00h (9 am to 6 pm)

Restricted Areas:
The Motor Homes may not be driven in the highland of Iceland or on any roads marked “F”. It may not cross rivers or be driven through water at any time. We supply you with a road map indicating prohibited areas but it does not cover all of them. Damage resulting from driving in the highland of Iceland or on any other prohibited roads is not insured. Damage occurring in the following areas is not insured: Sprengisandur, Þorsmörk, Askja, Landmannalaugar, Herðubreiðarlindir, Arnarvatnsheiði, Laki-Spalte, Fjallabaksleið nyðri, Sigalda-Landmannalaugar, Skaftartunga Eldgjá, Fjallabaksleið syðri Keldur-Hvannagil-Staftartunga, Landmannalei (Dómadalur), Emsturleið, Uxahryggir, Skagafjardarleið, Eyja-fjarðarleið, Hljóðaklettar, Kverkfjöll und Hólmatungur etc. Kjölur no. 35, Kaldidalur no. 550, Öxi no. 939 and Dragfell no. 520 are not F-roads any longer but the car rental firms prohibit driving unless you drive a 4x4 vehicle. The agreement expires in case of disrespect without any compensation. The Motor Home will be taken back to the rental station at the expense of the hirer.

Returning of Vehicle:
In case of damages or breakdown the customer should inform our rental station a minimum of one day earlier. The check in procedure takes between 20 minutes and one hour. If the vehicle is damaged it can take longer. The vehicle should be cleaned inside such as outside and al personal belongings removed from it prior to the check in. After the check in procedure has been concluded we can order a taxi or the customer can use our shuttle service to save money.
Our shuttle service costs 1.000 ISK per party (not per person but per rental agreement).

Additional Driver
All reservations must be under the lead driver’s name.The lead driver must be present at the time of rental and must be the main credit card holder.
Additional drivers can be registered for an additional fee of 30€ flat rate per extra driver. All drivers must be registered in the rental agreement (drivers license required) at the time of rental for them to be insured.Unregistered drivers are fully responsible for all damages that happen while they are driving and all insurance is null and void.

Drivers Licence and Age Limits:
The age limit is from 22 – 75 years.The driver must present a valid driver’s license held for a minimum of one year at the time of rental. An International 
Driving Permit (IDP) / International Driving License (IDL) is also required if the national driver’s license is not in the  Roman script. 

Young Drivers Surcharge:
€100.- for drivers between 22 – 25 years.

Suit cases or similar items can be stored at the rental station. This will give you more room for other things. Take along a small bag for visits at the swimming pools etc.
We are not liable for these items during storage.

Filling of gas, water etc.
Iceland has many gas stations. Washing and dumping can be made at nearly all of them. The water at the washing lane is natural clean Icelandic water better than any water. In case it is no drinking water and dumping is not allowed it will be marked. Dumping along road sides and parking is not allowed.

Fuel Price 
We undertake it’s utmost to provide the vehicle with a full fuel tank. The fuel level is stated on the rental agreement. 
  If the car is not returned with a full tank or the same level as when received, the customer will be charged as if returned 

The average consumption depends on the vehicle size and the roads you drive on. Our V8 motors especially, have a variable consumption rate depending on whether you drive normally or more aggressively. These are the approximate consumption rates we have measured:
Fiat 9-13 l/100 km, Dodge Van-Camper 15-20 l/100 km, Ford Super Cruiser 22-28 l/100 km.

A driving average of 200 km a day is suggested. You may decide to drive more. We do not recommend that you drive without stopping to rest.
It is both stressful for you and the vehicle. Explore only one or two parts of Iceland if you just have a week’s holiday. You can always return at a later date.

Smoking in the Motor Homes/Campers is totally forbidden.

GPS Tracking
The vehicle can be equipped with a GPS security devise.The GPS tracking unit is adevice that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of avehicle,person,or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals.There corded locationd at a will be transmitted to a central location database,using a cellular (GPRS) modem embedded in the unit.This allows the asset's location to bedisplayed against
a map backdrop either in real time or when analyzing the track later,using customized software,and for the speed of the vehicle to be determined.Disconnecting or covering the device will automatically notify the lessor and void all insurance and/or CDW/SCDW.Neglect of the Icelandic traffic law can be reported to local authorities.Controlling the data is part of the check in process.The lessee will be held responsible if the vehicle was driven to fast and/or into areas prohibited by the lessor.

Cancellation Fees:
Once we make a reservation on your behalf cancellation fees apply. We therefore suggest that you take out Travel Insurance at this time.

Cancellation Fees
60 days prior to pick up
60 % of rental costs
59 - 25 days prior to pick up
85% of rental costs
24 - 0 days prior to pick up
100% of rental costs
Amendments AUD 30 / AUD 60 once documents issued.

All rates & conditions subject to change without notice and subject to currency changes

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